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Types of Slings – A Brief Guide

A sling should be on every new parent’s wish list. It is the closest thing to an extra pair of hands you are likely to come across. They are infallible for soothing a grizzly or colicky infant, keep the baby happy while letting you get on with essential chores, and are invaluable while out and about, whether travelling on public transport, negotiating steps, escalators and busy shops, or on country walks.

So many slings are available today we are spoilt for choice, but the selection is so wide it can be bewildering. When choosing a sling it is best to consider when and how you plan to use it, who else will be using it, and whether you have the patience to master one of the trickier types. Or you could buy more than one for different purposes. But be warned, they are addictive and you might find yourself building up a collection! With that in mind, click on the links below for a brief guide to the most common types of slings.

The range of soft carriers available in the UK is very large so we have only described the most common types in detail here. All the vendors listed on the vendor page only sell or make slings which allow for correct and safe positioning of the baby.

We have not covered framed back pack carriers because, while many may be excellent for hiking the Pennines carrying a toddler and outdoor activity gear, we have found soft slings are more suitable for most people’s everyday needs, are far less cumbersome, much lighter to wear and give babies the reassurance of contact with a carer’s body.